A Webinar on HVAC 2.0

Your HVAC Costs Too Much: how retrofitting HVAC 2.0 can dramatically reduce energy costs”



November 1

at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

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Join us to see how drop-in replacements can improve efficiency 20-80%

Building owners know their HVAC systems are old, inefficient and unreliable. These systems are costing millions of dollars a day in wasted electricity. But its unclear how to improve HVAC without massive investment and downtime. Owners want a retrofit option that allows them to upgrade existing systems, bringing their HVAC into the 21st century and increasing efficiency.  

In this webinar we show how:

  • a new type of software controlled motor is revolutionizing HVAC systems
  • the fan motor system can be dropped into existing HVAC installations to provide next generation sensing and control  
  • data from some of the world's largest retailers showing 20-80% energy savings and a 6 month return-on-investment. 
  • How this new motor system is cloud connected out of the box, enabling real-time visibility and control over the Internet.

Join us to see a vision for HVAC 2.0.


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